APT-9411CE was designed for use by manufacturers that require the most accurate and reliable system, with the ease-of-use and fast program development that provides the quick-turn response, demanded by a prototype environment. It provides the highest reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use available on the market, capabilities that are crucial to test operations that are expected to be able to deliver the highest quality of test, within a day of receiving CAD files and first article, and do it reliably day-after-day.

In addition to the base system capabilities, a wide range of capabilities can be added to the APT-9411CE to increase coverage or incorporate complementary test strategies, including:
•Power on tests
•functional tests
•digital tests
•programmable power supplies
•barcode recognition with camera
•advanced vision test system
•integration of external measurement equipment
•gain measurements
•in-line compatibility (SMEMA)
•open pin checker
•Flash/EEPROM programming
•Boundary Scan
•full compatibility of all APT test programs